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Family Practice

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The best medicine...

"The best medicine is a pure diet, nourishing food, fresh air, regularity in action and repose, clearness of thought, pureness of feeling, and confidence in the perfect being with Whom we are linked and Whose expression we are."

- H. I. Kahn

Charlottesville Family Practice

The Wellness Center is a Charlottesville family practice clinic specializing in family medicine services including pediatrics, adolescent medicine, adult to mid-life medical issues, geriatric medicine and hospice counseling.

Our Family Doctors

We are a group of Charlottesville family doctors, nurses and holistic medicine practitioners — health and wellness doctors and preventive care experts who encourage our patients to adopt healthy habits and lifestyles.

H1N1 Flu Notice

Have you taken proper precautions for the flu season? The Charlottesville Wellness Center provides regular flu vaccinations and H1N1 flu shots as appropriate and available. For more information or to be placed on our call list please contact us today: (434) 977-3140.